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We've been building websites, web based services, and web development platforms since 2013, and we've been building games since 2018. Over the years we've developed a number of APIs to enable various functionalities within our websites and web frameworks, and we understand that some of these APIs would be useful to other developers so we now offer various APIs for public use. Explore our public APIs and their documentation below, and create your free API Portal account to begin using them.

Some of our APIs have free usage tiers, and our commercial tiers are all very reasonably priced. Compared to other data providers, you'll likely be surprised by just how cost effective our portal is! We advocate building efficient systems that use our APIs sensibly, caching results rather than invoking thousands of repeat API calls, and our pricing reflects this approach, designed simply to help cover our running costs.

Our APIs are all built for simplicity and performance, and we're happy to help with integrations. If you're looking for a particular data source and we don't already have an API for it, or you need help integrating one of our APIs in to your application, please get in touch.

ASN Lookup API

Every IP address is part of an Autonomous System (AS), managed by one or more network operators, and every AS is assigned an Autonomous System Number (ASN), for identification.

Our ASN lookup API returns all of the IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses belonging to a given AS, as well as the network operator name, as super simple JSON formatted REST data which you can use to, for example, autonomously block traffic from an entire network when some of its IP addresses start to flood your servers.

Pricing starts from just $8 USD per month.

Currency Exchange Rates API

Exchange rates for over 160 currencies, updated daily with an accuracy of up to 12 decimal places.

Our currency exchange rates API provides one-to-one and one-to-many conversion rates between any two or more currencies, returning this data in super simple JSON format via straightforward REST endpoints, ideal for integration into ecommerce frameworks, for example.

Pricing starts from just $8 USD per month.

IP Lookup API

Useful information for any given IPv4 or IPv6 IP address, including geolocation, hostname, ASN, and CIDR address.

Our IP lookup API returns the most useful IP information as super simple JSON formatted data via a single REST endpoint, ideal for geolocating visitors or finding the network operators of malicious traffic, for example.

Combine with our ASN lookup API to build powerful automated network blocking tools.

This API includes a FREE usage tier!

Places API

Names, ISO codes, and latitude/longitude data for all ISO recognised countries and regions across the world.

Our places API returns data including ISO-3166-1 Alpha 2 two letter country codes, administrative regions (states, counties, cities, etc), and latitude/longitude coordinates for over 318,000 regions. All returned in super simple JSON format via straightforward REST endpoints, allowing you to easily create address lookup systems or plot known locations on a map.

Pricing starts from just $15 USD per month.

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